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FS2004 Installation and Migration Tools

Anyone wanting a simple way to move their scenery from FS2002 to FS2004 might be interested in the new FS2004 Toolkit available free from Visual Flight, creator of VFR Photographic Scenery.

FS2004 Toolkit

FS2004 Toolkit includes the following programs:

  • FSMigrate - Allows FS2002 Scenery Library entries to be selectively copied into FS2004 without disturbing the existing FS2002 set-up or requiring that scenery be re-installed.
  • FS2002_IS_HERE - Allows programs designed for FS2002 to work with FS2004 by fooling them into thinking FS2004 is FS2002. As an example, it can be used to install FS2002 scenery into FS2004 providing that the scenery itself is FS2004 compatible. It can also be used to set or change the FS2002 path in the Registry.
  • FS2004_IS_HERE - Unlikely to be needed, but can be used to set or change the FS2004 path in the Registry.


FSConfig (a utility for configuring photo scenery and terrain mesh parameters for FS2002 and FS2004) now has its own page:


FSMigrate works by taking Scenery Library entries from FS2002 and transferring them to FS2004.  This is a lot easier and reliable that doing the same thing by hand, particularly if you have a lot of different scenery areas loaded into FS2002.

FSMigrate will optionally only transfer scenery areas which are active in FS2002, so you don't need to transfer all the clutter you may have accumulated over the years. If there's any other scenery areas you don't want in FS2004, you can temporarily disable them in FS2002 before running FSMigrate.

FSMigrate preserves the layering order as it transfers scenery to FS2004, and as a hidden side benefit, tidies up the area and layer numbering as it goes.

Anyone planning on continuing to use FS2002 alongside FS2004 will be reassured to know that FSMigrate doesn't alter the existing FS2002 setup in any way except that FS2002 and FS2004 end up sharing the scenery index files, which may cause the scenery to re-index when switching between the two versions of Flight Simulator.

One benefit of using FSMigrate (or doing the equivalent manually) is that each add-on scenery is only installed once on disk, thus saving valuable disk space compared with the alternative of installing scenery separately into each version of the simulator.


FS2002_IS_HERE is a simple program that can be used to fool programs into thinking FS2002 is in the FS2004 folder, thus allowing installers/setup programs designed for FS2002 into working with FS2004.

FS2002_IS_HERE has a variety of other uses, along with the companion program FS2004_IS_HERE. Used wisely, these programs can be very useful, but they cannot make FS2002 add-ons work in FS2004 or vice versa if there are incompatibilities. In the worst case they may even mess up your FS2004 set-up.

Installing and using FS2004 Toolkit

FS2004 Toolkit requires no installer, and has no cumbersome user interface. It is quick and easy to use - just answer a few simple yes/no questions (it's easiest if you just accept the defaults). Documentation is included.


Q. Do Nova VOD and Nova Gold textures need to be installed into FS2004 for migrated scenery to display correctly?

A. Yes, but only if any of the scenery you have in FS2004 uses them.  If they're needed but not present, it is most likely that you will see plain grey or white instead of the texture.

Q. Are these library textures compatible with FS2004?

A. You need to check the official Nova web site or contact the author for FS2004  compatibility and installation information. The same applies to any other library textures or library scenery your FS2002 scenery may need for FS2004.

Conditions of Use

  1. This toolkit must only be used for add-ons known to be compatible with the version of Flight Simulator you are installing or migrating into (usually FS2004).
  2. You should seek out and use utilities, patches or other fixes and/or information from official web sites wherever possible in preference to using these utilities.
  3. If you have FS2002 and FS2004 installed, you may wish to use FSMigrate in preference to using FS2002_IS_HERE/installing direct into FS2004. Using FSMigrate will save on disk space, and is less likely to damage your FS2004 setup as it does not change any FS2004 'system' files apart from scenery.cfg.
  4. You must read the documentation associated with each individual program before use.
  5. You must read and accept the legal sections of the associated documentation.
  6. You must not upload or otherwise redistribute the toolkit or any part thereof without the express permission of Visual Flight.
  7. You use these programs and the associated documentation entirely at your own risk.


By downloading this file you acknowledge that you accept the Conditions of Use given above:

Webmasters: Please do not upload these files or redistribute in any way for the moment. If you would like to link to the toolkit, please link to this page rather than the download files themselves.

Future enhancements?

If the toolkit is a success (e.g. lots of good feedback), look out for possible enhancements in the future . If there are any features you would particularly like to see, please email FS2004Toolkit@visualflight.co.uk.  

NB. FSMigrate does not currently migrate flatten/exclude switches. This is an enhancement which could be considered once the possible impact of these switches in FS2004  has been studied.

Mailing List

If you just want to be kept informed about Visual Flight products and freeware, please join the Visual Flight mailing list:

Visual Flight Mailing List

Email address:     .

Alternatively send a blank email to visualflight-request@freelists.org with subscribe in the Subject line.


The above information is given in good faith based on the information available to Visual Flight at the time of writing. The quality and specifications of the final product may change. In using this web site you agree that Visual Flight will accept no liability for any loss or damage resulting from errors, omissions or changes to any of the content of this page however caused.


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